This site is under construction of a new maker and the help of the original owner. While the games, pictures, and videos please enjoy what is already here.

Cameron Stephens ( new owner 🙂 )


Also you will notice that I have added the video and pictures page back.  Also give ideas to games, pics, and videos! 




😀 If you love games this is the BEST place to be. 😀

EG is the completely free source of entertainment. We have many things to do from free online games, to creating your own blob. Please enjoy the free source of entertainment. If you have any questions please leave a comment. This website was made by Sam Anderson, and of course ideas from the most awesome people like my friends from Australia.

Thanks For Visiting And I Hope Enjoy This Site!

Dedicated To:

• The Students At Schools, Mostly Redlands.

• All Kids.

• Anyone That Likes Being Entertained.

• Anyone That Goes Totally Crazy Over Small Funny Picture. (What I Call A ‘Anszmeack’.)



Most of the games, videos and pictures on this site are not mine. I embed videos and pictures and provide links to the games. I am not making any money for this website. Sorry If I am using some or one of your games, pictures or videos on my website.

37 responses

17 05 2009

i am new and i think that you have a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cool site.

19 03 2009

hey sam it is me Calculater everyone misses you I still have not got an email addres so email lochie so you can talk to me.

21 03 2009
Computer Hacker


4 05 2009
Computer Hacker

hey what about me lol ( cameron) lol miss u all so much! tell lochie i said hi an mrs miller

13 03 2009

Francis is going mad

8 03 2009
Jean-Pierre Gassin

Very nice site you’ve got going on here, I like how you’ve taken the idea to have your say about games, I do so also,.

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