About E.G.

Hello Fans,

If you don’t know what EG stands for it is Endless Gaming. Or you can call it Endless Entertainment, it really does not matter. Well, anyway, this page is about the site, the author of the site and other info.

Basic Info:

  • Name of Creator: Sam Anderson
  • Age of Creator: 11
  • Creation of Website: I forgot!
About The Site:
EG is a entertainment website which is updated often. EG is also coming out with ideas all the time, so keep on the lookout at the Blog page. I really hope you enjoy the free, pubic website. Do not hesitate to ask me anything, leave a comment… if you don’t have a email to fill in when your leaving a comment just use something random. I am always putting hidden stuff around called Easter Eggs there not real pictures of eggs but something hidden that normally is not found normally. So ENJOY!
About Me:
I am a 11 year old boy that absolutely loves using the computer, I play Tennis and have traveled to Australia for a year and a half, that is where I started my website. (I originally live in the USA.) My friends there tried to make websites because I made one, and I helped a little. Well I do not want to give my life story on here so that is about it.
Hello! I am surprised you found this hidden text… have you found any other Easter Eggs? Remember: They are not all in invisible text.

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