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1 05 2009

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Pass Page BE GONE!

14 03 2009

There is no more pass page I deleted it. To take it’s place there will be videos.

New window games?

12 02 2009

I never asked so now I am, should the links to games open in a new window? Vote below:

YouTube account

9 02 2009

I now have a Youtube account! I have no vids yet but my username is ‘WatermelonGamer‘.

New Slug designer!

4 02 2009

There is new release for the slug designer there is a lot more freedom when making you slug with the ability to move hair and mouth/none around your slug. You can change the color of specific parts of your slug also. Check it out on the slug page.

Awesome Video Series

2 02 2009

On YouTube there is a annotation game that is really fun! This video will start you off:


25 01 2009

We have changed the name from to! Please do not visit anymore! I will be changing to ! Don’t worry, this is not a remake of the website, all that is happing is the URL change. IF you still don’t understand this will make it easier:

All I did was change the address of my website (the name of the site.). You will find the same games and everything else. Endless Gaming is not a new website! It is only a change from to