Awesome Slugs

Hello, this page is a page full of fun with the awesome game called Slug Designer 2. Enjoy!

Slug Designer 2 is out, check it out!

Click here for the awesome slug designer!

  • Did you design a awesome Slug? Well if you think it is good, you can copy the code (The Slug Maker gives you a code.) and email me the code or comment. Then, I might choose to put it up for the Featured Slug!
  • It is not my fault if a code is invalid.
  • Please use a reasonable name for the slug, if you use something that does not go well with the slug I will think of one and post the new name and I will say that I changed the name of the slug or not even put the name.

Featured Slugs (Updated Randomly):

Above: Made by Locmiester!

Below: “Blue Haired Bob” Made by me.


37 responses

1 02 2009

wierd albino check him out!!!!!!


from : locmiester

17 01 2009

Bad santa,lucas,0,16645629,24,16,36,4,0,1,4,Jani

13 01 2009

Rick Rolled,Mr.Who?,0,2293261,20,25,11,1,1,3,0,Elizabeth,9,120
he was just rick rolled poor boy 😦

13 01 2009

lol 472 times arrested

25 12 2008

Harry Potter,???,1,1572650,15,4,36,3,0,1,6,James,3,120

24 12 2008

Disco Copper,Luke,0,8553090,6,16,22,0,7,4,2,Sharon,10,118

20 12 2008
mr.Know :D

red,mr.know :D,0,13373696,31,20,44,6,1,3,1,Sandra,10,65

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